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Bulk Orders

Play, Learn, Decorate - Many Workshops with Fen&Cole Percussions!

The first choice, the most economical, is the "raw" option.

Whether you're a professional or not, if you want to buy a large quantity of percussion instruments from Fen&Cole, here are our prices.

Our "raw" portable percussion instruments are all waterproofed with a bio-primer. This allows for easy decoration without worrying about smudges on the wood. Your designs will stay true.

Indeed, if you are in a recreational center, for example, or in a medical institute, you can create a decoration workshop on the cajons or shakers. We provide our advice for free to guide you.

Conditions for transitioning from the unit price to the wholesale price:

Once you reach a certain quantity of instruments of the same type and finish, this batch qualifies for the wholesale price. Subsequently, the price decreases until reaching the minimum price per unit.


You can use this calculator to determine the price of your lot:

Select the instrument, finish, and enter the desired quantity. Click "Calculate," and you will know the applied unit price as well as the total lot price, which will be rounded to the euro.

For quantities beyond 10: upon request.

Retail price:

? €

Batch price:

? €

For Whom?


For sale or to be given to the members of your association.


Branded with your image or the logo of your musicians' group, these small shakers can be sold alongside your merchandise after concerts.

Artisans, Merchants

To sell alongside other items you offer to your customers.

Medical Facilities

For your students, residents, one shaker each with your brand, names, and photos.

Social Centers, Schools, MAM (Maison d'Assistantes Maternelles), Daycares, Recreation Centers,

Music Therapists, Energy Healers, and more...

There are two complementary uses possible with cajón or shaker:

A decoration workshop;

An initiation and learning rhythm workshop.

The tapas (playing surfaces) are guaranteed for one year.

You can always benefit from after-sales service thanks to the proximity of your craftsman.

We also offer percussion teachers in your area who can provide lessons to your staff and/or students or residents.

Pour qui ?
Ecole de Conchil-Le-Temple

Conchil-le-Temple School

Photos from September 2015 and May 2016

Since 2014, Fen&Cole Cajóns have been a source of joy at Conchil-le-Temple School, allowing children to explore the world of musical rhythm.

Christophe is now in charge of teaching Cajón, taking over from the PepiluneCuatro association, which this year offers various parallel activities.

P1010164 - Copie
Septembre 2015
Mai 2016
Mai 2016
Ville d'Arras

Arras City

Photo from June 2016

The city of ARRAS also placed its trust in us and, through our craftsmanship, acquired twelve Cajónito Niños for the children in preschools.

The schools and recreational centers in this forward-thinking community, especially in terms of child care and culture, share these instruments in rotation.

A.P.E.I. de Saint Quentin

A.P.E.I. de Saint Quentin

The A.P.E.I. of Saint Quentin in Aisne also placed their trust in us and opted for the Cajóns Grande.

The residents of this day activity center decorated the instruments themselves and take great pride in their creations.

Their specialized educators also underwent training, enabling them to introduce participants to the activity of musical rhythm. This training was conducted by Alain Pollet from the Center for Contemporary Music (CMA) in Fresnoy le Grand (02).

APEI de Saint Quentin
APEI de Saint Quentin
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
Cajón APEI
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