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Customized Shakers

Anything is achievable with Fen&Cole. Pyrography, linocut, acrylic paintings, transfer of photos, engravings, posters... Customization extends to all our shaker models.

No minimum quantity is imposed, with the only requirement being the same decoration for all units per order. For those who desire 10 different shakers, a quote will be provided.

Contact us for a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Shaker personnalisés 1.jpg

For Whom is this Graphic and Musical Item Intended?

  • For You, as a welcome gift for your guests, ideally placed in the center of plates within a lovely organza bag or hung on the Christmas tree branches. A guaranteed musical and original atmosphere.

  • For Associations as Goodies. For sale or to be given to your association's members. Personalize them with your logo, poster, and vary your goodies to surprise during the sale of your merchandise.

  • For Artisans and Merchants. To sell alongside other items you offer to your customers.

  • For Medical Facilities. This shaker serves various functions for your residents. It aids in coordination exercises, addresses hearing issues, and enhances "musical awakening" workshops.

  • For Schools, Daycares, Social Centers, Libraries, Recreation Centers. Revive musical awakening that may have lagged since 2020's events. Bring back enthusiasm for music with this energetic little cube.

  • For Music Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Energy Healers. Bring new energy to your patients. Frequencies to resonate and reach new heights!

With every Fen&Cole order, we provide an invoice for your accounting.

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