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About Fen&Cole


Fen&Cole is an artisan micro-business created by Christophe Vuittenez in Conchil-le-Temple, Pas-de-Calais, on April 1, 2015.

Christophe, originally from Franche-Comté, has always been passionate about working with wood. Upon his arrival in Pas-de-Calais in 2009, he was noticed by Pepilune Cuatro, a avant-garde musical association. Annie Leblond, the creator of this association, was already working on recycling and repurposing materials.

Knowing how to play the guitar, he quickly got involved in volunteering and trained in street music performance. He also learned to prepare and lead instrument-making workshops. This marked the beginning of his journey into crafting his first cajon.

Now, thirteen years later, he continues to search, invent, and create sounds for his cajons, which are becoming increasingly practical and ergonomic. He works tirelessly to refine the snare and deepen the bass tones. His approach remains eco-citizen, aligned with associative life.


Participation in festivals, exhibitions, and musical events has led to many encounters and inspired Christophe with new ideas. This led to the creation of the Plano cajon, born out of collaboration with Lionel, who, after a traffic accident, could no longer play his drum set.

Then, the health crisis occurred. Christophe reinforced his convictions about making music accessible to all by creating a new cajon model, the Nonante, 30% cheaper than its predecessor, the Big Fen.

For all, at any age. During exhibitions, Christophe noticed the enthusiasm of both young and old for this Latin American instrument. He realized that rhythmic percussion doesn't always require music theory lessons and can be practiced by both the very young and seniors. For those who want to elevate their level, addresses of percussion teachers are available.

Customization on Demand

On all his cajon or shaker models, Christophe Vuittenez offers the option to personalize the one you have chosen. Acrylic, natural materials, pyrography, linocut, collage, transfer—numerous options are available.

Ecology + Music = Shakers!

Accumulated wood scraps led to the creation of small instruments, giving birth to shakers over the years. The materials used at Fen&Cole adhere to French standards, with no solvents or toxic products.

"Atelier" Prices

The prices on the website are considered "atelier" prices. Christophe's involvement as a musician and volunteer led him to keep his prices accessible. The quality and aesthetics of Fen&Cole's handmade instruments are offered at prices at least 50% lower than factory-made cajons, according to numerous comparisons.

In addition, to make the instruments more affordable, they are offered in "raw" versions, simply waterproofed so that you can clean and decorate them without worries. Varnished or decorated versions are also available.

Where to Buy Fen&Cole Percussion

You can purchase Fen&Cole instruments on the website, at festivals, art and craft shows, musical flea markets, artisan markets, and Christmas markets.

Fen&Cole also sells its artisan instruments to schools, social centers, medicalized homes, etc., providing enjoyment for residents and their caregivers. Discounts are offered, and for professionals and individuals, without a set quantity.

Need More Information?

Feel free to explore the website dedicated to nomadic percussion to find events where Fen&Cole Cajons participate throughout the year. Take advantage of these outings, where special promotions and even more flexible prices are offered. On such occasions, demo workshops, initiation, and improvisation are presented throughout the exhibitions.

See you soon!

Christophe VUITTENEZ

Artisan Creator of Nomadic Percussion Instruments

Cajons Shakers Fen&Cole

06 75 14 07 28



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