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Shaker Shak'keys

Fen&Cole Creation.

A small cubic shaker attached to a keychain. Its size is ideal for fitting into your pocket or briefcase. Find your keys without opening your bag. And, above all, always have something to accompany musicians on your journey. The shak’keys tones are dry and precise. Its size fits in the palm of your hand; nothing could be easier than muffling the sounds every other time, or three or four times to vary the rhythms.

Poplar plywood, decorated with transfers and acrylic paint, acrylic varnishing. Steel beads.

The models below are examples; ask for the currently available collections in a message.

Shipping costs included.



This instrument does not have any demonstration videos yet.



Price and dimensions

Prix et dimensions

Retail price:


10 €


12 €


12 €

2.8 or 3.3

Measurements include legs and are in centimeters.

Measurements are in centimeters.

2.8 or 3.3

2.8 or 3.3

Tapas (playing surfaces) are guaranteed for 2 years, excluding customization. The tone is guaranteed for 5 years.

Quote for repair and renovation service after end of guarantees.

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